Have a blast with fireworks and watch the sparks fly as your party takes off. Basically, a firework is a low-grade explosive used for fun and entertainment all throughout the year from New Year’s Eve countdowns, Independence Day celebrations and other cultural events and festivities around the world. The primary function of a firework is to create any combination of light, smoke, noise, or floating effects such as confetti blasts.

The creation of fireworks dates all the way back to the 12th century China where they were used in religious events. Today, China remains the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world. When black gunpowder was invented in the 13th century, firework types similar to bottle rockets were fired from the ground as weapons in military confrontations because they could travel further than a long bow or cannon. In fact, in the late 18th century, an American army colonel named Congreve created rockets which had a trajectory of four miles and his advances went down for all of posterity in the United State’s national anthem as “the rocket’s red glare.”

Whether you a planning a backyard firework show or staging a bigger event for a rock concert, sporting event or stage production, you’ll have a hard time outdoing the largest firework show of all time. On December 31, 2006 in Portugal, a firework display of 66,326 pyrotechnic elements was set off – a world record!  Even if you don’t have the budget for this type of blow out, you’ll find lots of affordable fireworks that will make your audience gasp in appreciation.

Popular types of consumer fireworks include ground items such as fountains and spinners, aerial items such as mortar shells and roman candles, noisemakers such as firecrackers and novelty items.  Fountains and spinners sit on the ground, and according to the design, either sent out streams of sparks skyward or use a spewing of sparks to create a random rotating movement on the ground. Aerial fireworks are very popular for good reason – the diverse range of effects from large, colorful chrysanthemum bursts to shooting star comets to parachute lanterns that float gently back to the ground. A novelty firework is always a family pleaser; these low-grade fireworks include sparklers, smoke bombs, confetti poppers and other interesting fireworks that accommodate a wide rage of ages.  If you are into audacious audible sounds, firecrackers are the pyrotechnic effects you need – grab a string of 100 or a celebration roll of thousands of firecrackers fused together and have a blow out time! 

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