Firework Wholesaler

Firework Wholesaler

Firework wholesalers offer all sorts of exciting items that will please both the professional pyrotechnician and the backyard enthusiast. These sellers of fireworks get their inventory from fireworks exported from China and other locations make their own fireworks – or, most commonly, some combination of the two.  Firework wholesalers sell their products to stores that carry fireworks, pyrotechnic companies that plan and execute shows on behalf of clients, major corporations – and sometimes even the home hobbyist.

In order for the general consumer off the street to purchase items from firework wholesalers, they must be willing to buy in bulk – in large lots and by the fireworks by the case. Usually, you won’t find fireworks for sale by the piece here. From aerial fireworks such as artillery shells, Roman candles, missiles and sky rockets to ground items such as fountains, spinners, and novelties, you are sure to find what you want (and more) at firework wholesalers. Depending on how large the fireworks are, a case could hold a dozen items or an entire gross of 144 pieces. Consumers need to take into account the size of their display before making large purchases from firework wholesalers, you don’t really want to have to store leftovers.

In addition to buying by the case, sometimes consumers can save through firework wholesalers based on the amount of total fireworks purchase. For example, a discount may be offered on purchases, with the discount getting larger with the more money spent.  If you have a large event planned, purchasing by the case or with a bulk discount is the way to go --- you get a bigger bang for your buck, literally!

Common brands you’ll find at firework wholesalers that are popular with customers are Black Cat, Great Grizzly, Brothers, Boomer, World Class and USA. Other pyrotechnic accessories are also typically available such as fuse, punks, mortar racks, remote lighting systems and more. Buying at fireworks wholesalers also gives you access to experts who know what they are doing and can provide you with lighting tips, safety instructions and ideas on planning your show. Plus, at online fireworks wholesales, you can shop year-round and have items shipped straight to your door for the ultimate convenience.

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