Firework Tubes

Firework tubes add a big blast of excitement to your next festive occasion. Whether you are setting off just one artillery shell or a whole case of mortars, setting up your display with firework tubes is the best way to go. When it is time for a Fourth of July shindig or a New Year’s Eve countdown, the crowd of onlookers will be oohing and ahhhing in delight of your overhead extravaganza. When buying firework tubes, keep in mind that this term covers both the aerial fireworks that come pre-packaged into single or multiple-unit one-time-use containers or “tubes” can mean a reusable vessel that will accommodate individually purchased pyrotechnic cartridges.

Many aerial fireworks on the consumer market come already pre-loaded into cardboard tubes, however a number of enthusiasts of pyrotechnics like to shoot off mortars that can be loaded into a reusable tube. This doesn’t mean that single shot tubes are not useful -- there are some very exotic effects found in these tubes such as large chrysanthemum bursts, glittering sparkles and a range of other styles. On the other hand, single-use multiple tubes often have a dozen or more tubes attached together by a single fuse and contain a single shell in each tube. Both types of firework tubes that are bought pre-loaded are meant to be lit just once. Do not try to save the cardboard fireworks tubes and reuse them again with new cartridges.

If your mortars are already encased within an included tube, you won’t need to purchase special fireworks tubes. But, if you plan to reload, you’ll require a durable tube to get things working smoothly and without incident. Reloadable fireworks tubes for artillery shells are made from different materials such as high-quality cardboard, fiberglass or high-density polyethylene.

When shooting cartridges from fireworks tubes, you’ll always want to follow safety protocol. Light a long punk to keep a safe distance away from the fireworks as you light the fuse. Also, keep your head, face and hands free from the area to reduce the chance of bodily injury. And, to keep from getting a nasty fine, make sure to obey the laws regarding fireworks in our specific jurisdiction. These laws are designed for your own safety as well as the safety of others.