Firework Sparklers

Sparklers are the only type of firework designed to be held in the hand. This “hands on” action really makes firework sparklers exciting and makes them popular items for any holiday or special event. Not only will the user enjoy the colorful sparking of these pyrotechnic items, he or she will feel the thrill of “playing with fire” so to speak. Firework sparklers have long been a crowd pleaser at parties, weddings and other evening festivities, and are safe to use if properly handled. 

Firework sparklers are available in so many types; however, the common denominator is that they all spew off a fountain of sparks from the smoldering tip down toward the handle. While the sparks always crackle down the rod, sparklers differ in how the core is formed as well as the total length and color. The core of sparklers is made in two ways – with a wooden stick, such as a bamboo skewer, or with a thick metal wire. Because fireworks sparklers featuring the metal core only burn away the pyrotechnic compounds dried on top, users must be careful not to come in contact with the dangerously hot middle – temperatures on the metal can reach 1000 F degrees. Sparklers with wooden cores entirely burn away as the sparks move down the stick. This reduces the chances of inadvertent skin burns. However, hot ashes falling from the tip of these firework sparklers are still an inherent danger. Either type can be used with peace of mind if proper safety tips are followed.  

Burn time is positively related to the overall length of the sparkler you pick. It’s pretty straightforward; the longer the sparkler stick, the longer it burns. Available in a range of sizes; 10-inch, 20-inch and 36-inch are the most popular sizes of firework sparklers with consumers. Keep in mind, ten inch sparklers burn for about 45 seconds, 20-inch sparklers burn for about 2 minutes and 36-inch sparklers burn for about 4 minutes. Knowing the burn time is useful information if you are trying to stage a timed photo or need to know how many to buy.

Top choices colors for firework sparklers are silver or gold. For those wanting to branch out with other beautiful hues, there are firework sparklers in a crayon box assortment of colors such as red, green and blue or even multi-color.  Some firework sparklers are made with special effects and have distinct burning phases that change color and effect as the chemical compounds burn down the rod.

Predictable times to enjoy sparklers include Fourth of July celebrations, New Year’s Eve count downs and other festivities under a veil of darkness. However, the use of firework sparklers is popping up in many other venues as well such as weddings. At weddings, guests often raise firework sparklers upward to create a sparkling aisle for the newlyweds to walk down.  For anniversaries and birthdays, it is really neat to parade out the fancy dessert lit up with a glittering group of sparklers – just remember to do this outside.

If used in accordance to the manufacturer’s directions, fireworks sparklers are considered a safe firework. If children want to hold their own sparkler, it should be done under the direct supervision of an adult. Other safety precautions to follow include: use outdoors only, hold at an arm’s distance, stay away from flammable materials, and do not touch the hot tip. Also, it is a good idea to dunk your firework sparklers in a bucket of water to ensure they are extinguished and cooled down.

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