Firework Shows

Ladies and gentleman, turn your heads toward the sky for one of the biggest spectacles of sparkles in the world. This is what you might hear the announcer declaring on the speakers as you settle down in the bleachers or on your lawn chairs to celebrate one of the country’s most exciting nighttime events – firework shows!  Cities and towns of all sizes as well as corporations, amusement parks and sports teams all host firework shows as a way to cap off a special event.

However, you don’t have to be a professional pyrotechnician to put a big, beautiful blast of fireworks into your evening. Recreational enthusiasts around the country are able to plan and execute top-notch amateur shows with all sorts of pyrotechnic goodies found online. Online shops such as All Spark Fireworks, offer a wide range of products for firework shows of all types. By incorporating items such as fountains and spinners to bottle rockets and other sky-bound fireworks, your special event will illuminate the night sky like no other. So, put some pop and pizzazz into the upcoming New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, wedding or other special event by putting on one of the best firework shows ever.

If these times of good cheer and merry-making aren’t reason enough to spark your plans for one or more firework shows, the adrenaline rush of lighting the fuse and anticipating a big explosion should get you going. Have you ever wondered who first came up with the idea of firework shows in the first place? When a 12th century Chinese cook mistakenly invented fireworks, we’re pretty sure that he never expected his unexpected discovery would be the focal part of so many happy celebrations. While in ancient times, fireworks were used for religious or military purposes, it wasn’t long before these colorful and noisy items were incorporated into all types of festivities.  By the 16th century in Britain, firework shows had become large public displays for the masses to enjoy, rather than just the private entertainment of aristocracy. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I was so fond of fireworks that she created the first “Fire Master” of England charged with creation of all fireworks shows.

If you want to aim high for your firework show, you can try to break the world record for the largest – more than 66,000 pyrotechnic elements set off at one single event in Portugal. Or, try to match the lasting power of a 1996 Chinese New Year party in Hong Kong where a string of firecrackers were lit, lasting an amazing 22 hours. But, if you don’t have the budget for these extremes, there are still lots of awesome products and ideas for your firework shows that will make it a massive blow out.

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