Firework Show

A firework show is a spectacle of sparkles, sounds and smoke that is sure to turn any night into the biggest blast. While towns and companies are known for hosting these entertaining nighttime events, a firework show is also a real possibility for the recreational pyrotechnic enthusiast. You can plan and execute a really beautiful firework show with reasonably priced items found at All Spark Fireworks. Uncover all sorts of pyro goodies, from fountains and spinners to bottle rockets and other aerial effects.  Put some pop and pizzazz into your next 4th of July, New Year’s Eve, wedding or other special event – nothing says celebration better than a firework show.

If these special times of the year aren’t reason enough to light a fire under you to plan a firework show, the plain thrill of igniting the fuse and waiting for the big boom should get you motivated. In the 12th century, a Chinese cook accidentally invented fireworks while working in his kitchen. With the creation and addition of gunpowder a century later, fireworks really took off literally and figuratively -- and the rest is history! You can make history of your own with pyrotechnic items that are designed to create spectacular effects such as one or more elements of light, smoke, noise, or floating elements.

Firework shows are all over the place today, not just at the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve. Firework shows can be found at rock concerts, sporting events, outdoor theater productions, weddings, festivals and more. If you want to aim high, you can try to break the world record fireworks show – more than 66,000 pyrotechnic elements set off at one event in Portugal. But, if you don’t have the budget for this, there are still lots of great options for your fireworks show that will make it a big blow out.

Dividing your fireworks show into four areas is a good place to start -- novelties, ground fireworks, aerial fireworks and the grand finale.  Novelty fireworks such as sparklers and confetti poppers provide hands on action and will get your guests warmed up for the bigger things to come. Next, bring out the ground items such as fountains and spinners followed by aerial items such as mortar shells and bottle. Have your firework show end with an explosive finale that has guests gasping in awe and admiration. A combination of your largest, loudest and most brightly lit fireworks can be fired off quickly in groups for a memorable impression.

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