Firework Shells

If you want to but the “grand” into your fireworks finale, firework shells are a good way to end the event.  Of  course, these popular aerial fireworks are also good for the beginning and middle of a fireworks display – or even just to set off individually when you want to add a single blast of beauty to the night. Firework shells are shot high into the air from a tube that stays on the ground. Inside the tube is a pyrotechnic cartridge along with a burst charge and internal time fuse. When the fuse is lit, the cartridge is thrust forward with extreme force and explodes at it’s apex in a beautiful design.

It makes perfect sense that the idea for firework shells shot up into the air originates from the battlefields of wars past. For centuries, armies have employed the projectile power of various types and designs of ammunition fired from the ground up to help defend and attack while on the line. Firework shells capitalize on the projectile feature of these battle implements without any of the intent to harm – with fireworks; the objective of packing a mortar tube with pyrotechnic compounds is just to create amazing entertainment.

There are a variety of firework shells on the consumer market.  These fireworks are available to make every event from your backyard Independence Day celebration to a wedding reception much more memorable. Firework shells can be purchased individually by the piece or in assortment packs that could including single, double and triple breaks of various effects.  Just like professional grade artillery shells, consumer fireworks come in an array of sizes, colors and effects such as whistling, comet tails, colored tips and more.

Firework shell tubes can be either single use or reloadable, what you choose is contingent on your price range and plans. Single use tubes are pre-packed with the explosive powders and are not safe to use a second time. Reloadable tubes are made of more durable materials and can be refilled, according to the manufacturer’s directions, with extra firework cartridges. Depending on the type of firework shells you are buying, tubes are constructed from cardboard, fiberglass or high density poly-ethylene.

Whether setting off firework shells or even just waving around sparklers, remember to obey the laws regarding the purchase, use and storage off fireworks in your specific jurisdiction. Personal safety can be maintained by following the manufacturer’s directions for lighting your firework shells.

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