Firework Factory

While some extreme pyrotechnic enthusiasts make their fireworks at home, nearly all fireworks are made in a firework factory somewhere around the world.  Fireworks were created in China some 2,000 years ago and to this day China remains the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world. Panjiva, a company that tracks incoming goods to the United States from waterborne routes, reports that in May 2010 alone more than 2,093 shipments filled with pallets and pallets of fireworks made in China hit the American soil.

Every firework factory in the Far East creates all the items that have become part of celebrating Independence in the good ole USA – a bit ironic that most of our fireworks come from overseas, but true. And, most are created with Americans in mind, sporting English names such as “killer bees,” “purple rain,” “fire torch” and more. As far as consumer products go, fireworks are not high-tech and are still made mostly by hand in a firework factory. If you were to visit the non-tourist spots of China, you would find thousands and thousands of operations that could be considered a firework factory. In the county of Wanzai in Jiangxi, China alone there are 300 official factories, plus probably many more this number of unsanctioned facilities that produce and sell fireworks under the radar.

While 95-percent of consumer fireworks sold in the US are made in China, a small amount of fireworks are made on American Soil in a number of different firework factories. There are about 300 or so businesses listed as a firework factory in the US, with most coming from the state of Texas.  Examples include North Central Industries in Indiana who makes and imports fireworks under the Great Grizzly brand, Diamond Sparklers out of Ohio which sells more than 3 million sparklers annually and Zambelli Fireworks in Pennsylvania is also a well known factory. Occasionally, you will find a firework factory that has simply “re-wrapped” fireworks from china with their own house-brand labels.

A firework factory makes everything from aerial fireworks that light up the sky with fiery tails, blossoms bursts, and glittering fallout to simpler fireworks such as firecrackers, sparklers and smoke items. Safety issues are always a top concern in the firework factory and workers take precautions such as wearing cotton clothing and cotton undergarments to reduce the chance of an accident created by static electricity. Working in a firework factory is physically taxing and dangerous job, so the next time your celebrate with pyrotechnic items, remember the hands-on work that went into creating them for consumers like you.

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