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Fireworks are a booming business! Fireworks are sold all over the world and enjoyed by consumers who use them for many reasons. The types of events the fireworks are used in range from religious ceremonies to exciting social events like rock concerts and 4th of July parties. Firework companies cater to consumers demand by creating all sorts of exciting pyrotechnic items that are just right for the latest, greatest event.

The majority of firework companies are located in China where they were originally created more than 1000 years ago. Also, because labor is less expensive in this part of the world, fireworks can be exported and sold for a very reasonable price – more bang for your buck!  In fact, more than 95-percent of the fireworks sold in the United States are manufactured in China. Often, many distributers based in the US will send representatives overseas to monitor various business issues including quality control and safety.

One of the most well-known firework companies is Black Cat. In terms of firework companies, this one says that they are “number one fireworks brand position with US costumers.” This state-of-the-art fireworks factory, owned by the Li & Fung of company of China, is renowned for their red paper wrapped firecrackers marked with the signature feline logo.  Over the past 60 years, the Black Cat company has moved from the simple firecracker to a full product line that features more than 500 pyrotechnic items.

Brothers Pyrotechnics Inc. is one of the largest fireworks suppliers in the world. With headquarters in Beihai, China, this private company has been researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting fireworks since 1995. A large percentage of their professional and consumer products are shipped to the United States for fireworks enthusiasts to enjoy during special events throughout the year.

Brothers is also well known among fireworks companies and consumers. Brothers owns and has agreements with more than sixty firework factories and two warehousing centers throughout various regions of China. With sales offices in Hunan, Hong Kong and the USA, Brothers markets their pyrotechnic products to more that 50 countries across the globe. They also have a Fireworks Institute that is focused on creating new, innovative products. Chances are, if you’ve seen a professional fireworks show or popped off a few consumer items yourself, they very well could have been fireworks exported by Brothers.

World Class Fireworks is another leader among fireworks companies. Based in China, this creator of products like “One Bad Mother” and “Excalibur,” is primarily distributed in the United States by Jake’s fireworks. Other fireworks companies that are popular among consumers include Boomer, Great Grizzly, USA and others. 

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