Excalibur Fireworks

Over the last decade, Excalibur fireworks have been the top selling artillery shell and are considered by many to be the best available on the consumer market. Known for their loud breaks and vivid colors, these nearly legendary fireworks are sure to be a big, big hit with your audience. Give the beautiful blanket of stars in the sky a run for its money by setting off these spectacular pyrotechnic items at your next special event – Fourth of July celebrations, New Year’s Eve countdowns, Memorial Day and more.

Excalibur fireworks feature high-quality tubes to ensure the success and saftey of your display every time. These mortar tubes are made of durable HDPE in a single piece mold, including the base, to create the optimal launching vessel for the shells.  The quality of cardboard or fiberglass tubes found in other fireworks can not be compared at all to the top-notch detailing of Excalibur fireworks tubes. Even most other HDPE tubes are not single mold; they are still glued or stapled to the base which creates more chance for malfunction.

Most Pyrotechnic enthusiasts report that the shells of Excalibur fireworks are, by far, the best canister shells on the consumer market. Packed with the maximum load of pyrotechnic compounds, many of the canister shells break to display bursts that are over 250 feet high and 200 feet wide – this will create an umbrella of sparkles over your backyard! Many of the Excalibur firework bursts are so unique and unusual that they are actually patented.

Some of the well known Excalibur fireworks shells are named Jumbo Red Dahlia, Green Glittering with Crackles, Jumbo Crackling, Red and Silver Peony, Silver Palm with Crackling, Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum, Jumbo Brocade Crown, Jumbo Green Chrysanthemum, Golden Willow, Dragon Eggs, Brocade Silver to Blue Whirlwind, Silver Waver to Red Whirlwind and more! All in all, there are 24 unique shells per each Excalibur firework.

Because Excalibur fireworks are so successful and revered by firework fans, you are sure to get a chorus of “ooohs and ahhs” each and every time you set one off. In fact, Excalibur fireworks are so special that you should use at least one in your next firework show – make it the grand finale if you wish!  Even just setting off one of these Excalibur fireworks is like a mini fireworks show in itself – nothing else needed!

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