Chinese Fireworks

China pretty much rules the world when it comes to making Chinese fireworks. You can pretty much be guaranteed that most of those firecrackers and sparklers you are using on the Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve hail all the way from China. Chinese fireworks are big business; industry reports say that at least 95% of all pyrotechnic items sold in the United States are Chinese fireworks. These fireworks are almost without exception made with the American consumer in mind and feature catchy English names (such as Killer Bees) and instructions on the label. Most US companies that contract with Chinese fireworks factories send over quality-control staff to make sure that products are being made with end-user safety in mind.

Historically, it makes sense that Chinese fireworks dominate any other country making pyrotechnic items. Fireworks were first invented over a thousand years ago in China and were used (and still are) extensively in religious and cultural events. Chinese fireworks were actually an accidental invention caused when a local cook mixed up a cocktail of common kitchen chemicals and stuffed them inside bamboo – when tossed into the fire; the end result was a big bang! These Chinese fireworks were first used to scare off evil spirits with the pops and crackles that were caused by the chemicals and bamboo saps reacting with the flames.

Not soon after, Chinese fireworks began to spread across the trade routes through Europe and eventually the New World. With the invention of gunpowder, these fireworks were modified to be used as weapon in times of war. Soldiers said these fiery arrows would fly through the air further than the long bow or cannon shot making them practical weapons on the battlefield. Sort of disgusting, but true, at one point in time live rats were even strapped onto rocket fireworks to terrify opposing troops. Today, Chinese fireworks are once again used as a popular way to celebrate special events such as holidays, weddings and entertainment events.

Chinese fireworks are available at pretty much every retail vendor in the United States. You can purchase Chinese fireworks from a temporary road stand or bricks-and-mortar shop that operates year-round. Another good resource for Chinese fireworks is to check out a reputable online site such as All Sparks Fireworks. Here you will find a treasure trove of Chinese fireworks, 24-hour / 7-day week shopping and the convenience of having items shipped straight to your home or business.

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