China Fireworks

Lighting up China fireworks to celebrate a Fourth of July evening or a New Year’s Eve countdown is a fun form of entertainment. Whether you’ve seen a professional display or bought your own pyro items, there is a good chance that they were manufactured and exported from China (more than 95% are). China fireworks were developed in the ancient Chinese and, to this day, the country remains the leader in pyrotechnic items. Light up your next party with sparklers, firecrackers, rockets, repeater cakes or mortar shells or other China firework items – you’ll create a big blast for your guests.

It is written in history that China fireworks were invented around two thousand years ago. These accounts tell that fireworks were developed quite by accident when a Chinese cook stirred together a mixture of kitchen chemicals and packed them inside bamboo. When heated, the bamboo brought a startling surprise -- bang! This unforeseen finding was used to scare off evil spirits with the snaps and pops that were created from tossing the bamboo pieces into the fire. Fireworks were also used for praying for prosperity and happiness. China fireworks late became weapons in times of war thanks to the addition of gunpowder fly fiery arrows through the sky further than a long bow or cannon shot. In the 13th century, there are also reports of rat rockets that sent rodents flying to terrify unsuspecting enemies. By the time the 14th century rolled around, the Ming Dynasty was making and enjoying fireworks for the masses, not just aristocracy.

The firecracker is the most popular China firecracker. These little poppers where created by the Chinese monk named Li Tian in the Hunan Province a 1000 years ago. Today, on each April 18th  firecrackers and Li Tian are honored. Used both to frighten bad spirits and to ‘get the party started” firecrackers are seen at all types of events. Firecrackers can come with varying levels of explosive compounds. Some of the bigger firecrackers are named Silver Salutes, Cherry Bombs M-80s; however, in the US only 50 milligrams of explosive powder are allowed in firecrackers by law.

China fireworks are one of the highlight of the Chinese New Year celebration. This cultural event takes place in either January or February and features wonderful parades and parties including the colorful dragon dance where a troupe of dancers wear a dragon costume that smokes and crackles with China fireworks. The record books report that in 2006, one Chinese New Year event featured a 22-hour long non-stop string of firecrackers. Kaboom!

China fireworks are available at nearly every retail vendor across America. You can buy your China fireworks from a roadway stand or bricks-and-mortar store, often only in short windows of time before holidays. However, when you buy fireworks China from an online site such as All Sparks Fireworks, you will enjoy year-round shopping, a large selection of products and the convenience of having products shipped right to your home. 

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