Cannon Fuses

Using the right fuse is important to the pyrotechnician’s craft, both seasoned professionals and those just getting into the fun of setting off fireworks. The type of fuse you choose for your fireworks displays will have an impact on how it all plays out. Fuse comes in a variety of lengths, gauges and styles that are meant to burn at different speeds. Some firework enthusiasts even make their own fuse at home; but you really have to know what you’re doing. Cannon fuses are one type of fusing that is popular within the industry; try it to hook up your next display, and you’re sure to be please with the results.

Cannon fuses, also known in some fireworks circles as Visco fuse, is an easy-to-find, high-quality fusing that offers plenty of benefits in color, burn time, impermeability. Available in colors such as red and green, cannon fuses can be coded by color so that the pyrotechnician can see which fuse is attached to what firework.  Cannon fuses also vary by burn time, typically the thicker the diameter, the longer the burn time. When buying Visco cannon fuses, the diameter and burn time per foot will be noted; for example, a 3/32” diameter fuse will burn 30 seconds per foot.

Another way that cannon fuses can be different from each other in waterproof features. Normal cannon fuse is waterproof as it is made with a cotton thread center, covered in black powder, wrapped with twine and then finally coated with an impervious, waterproof coating of lacquer. Some of this fusing can even be used underwater! However, you can find Visco cannon fuses that are not waterproof. Usually colored yellow for identification, this fuse has the quickest burn rate at ½-inch per second. The reason it is not waterproof is because the outer paper casing needed to make it burn rapidly can’t get wet.

Even if you are not a super experienced pyrotechnician, you can still do simple projects with a length of quality fuse. For example, you can incorporate a multi-sequenced display of Roman candles into your show with cannon fuses. Instead of firing off Roman candles one at a time, they can be lit at the same time on one fuse. All you need is a bundle of Roman candles, a special stand to hold the fireworks all in a row (can be homemade) and a fuse to connect everything together. After the fuse is lit, it will send off the Roman candles in order one at a time. You can use the idea with many other firework projects and cannon fuses.

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