Buy Roman Candles

Buy Roman candles and add more than a flicker of excitement to the night. This well-known type of aerial firework is created from a long, cylinder tube packed with amazing pyrotechnic stars.  When these awesome fireworks start propelling up into the night darkness; bystanders will clap in appreciation of the sequential display of sparkles and sounds. For years a popular choice in consumer fireworks; buy Roman candles in a pack to bring a blast of “wow” to any special celebration. From a Fourth of July jubilee, New Year’s Eve countdown or even as a special send of for the bride and groom, Roman candles are a great way to ignite a long-lasting memory.

A historical comment worth noting is that while we buy Roman candles for celebrations today, these fireworks were actually named after a type of religious persecution. The annals of history say that the ruthless Roman emperor Nero, who ruled from 54 to 68 C.E, tortured Christians by tying them to poles in his garden. When the followers would not recant their belief in Jesus Christ, they would be soaked with flammable oils and then set on fire for the entertainment of Nero and his guests.

If you buy Roman candles, you’ll want to know how they are made. This type of aerial firework is an assemblage of chemical bentonite, a lifting charge, pyrotechnic stars, black powder and a delay charge. These fireworks aren’t toys; in fact Roman candles are quite dangerous because people often want to mistakenly hold them in their hand. When the fuse is lit, it burns slowly until it reached down the tube to the first star. When the first star is lit, it is sent flying out of the tube with the powerful force of a speeding bullet. This explosion forces the fire further down into the tube to ignite the delay powder level. Once the next layer of delay powder is burned through, the fire will release the next star and so on until the last star is fired.

An assortment of rainbow colors is available when you buy Roman candles. Just pick your favorite colors – red, blue, yellow, green pink, gold and more.  Some of these fireworks will have other special features such as crackle noises, changing colors, trailing tails and more. When you buy Roman candles, the standard stick has 10 stars (shots) per firework although there are some candles that come with more or less. Whether you choose to buy Roman candles in assortments, by the pack or even by the case load, you are sure to have a great time with family and friends.  

Always follow the safety instructions that come with your fireworks when you buy Roman candles. Often thrill-seekers will try to hold Roman candles while they are shooting out the stars --- this is dangerous  Not only are you risking human error, there could also be a manufacturing problem or post-purchase damage that might make the Roman candle misfire.  For example, if a Roman candle gets bent, the stars could become lodged in the tube and then explode out through the side of the firework and onto your body. Use a designated tube for Roman candles or sand, rocks or dirt to hold your fireworks steady and at least at an arm’s distance away.

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