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Things are starting to look up, especially if you are watching bursts of fireworks in the sky! These fun and festive pyrotechnic elements are loved the world over, fired off for all sorts of special occasions that range from religious and cultural events to coronations, births, weddings and more. Since the birth of fireworks in China nearly 700 years ago, people have been celebrating with them ever since. Transform your Fourth of July or New Year’s Eve with friends and family with a special spark and buy firework items for everyone to enjoy.

Common categories of pyrotechnics available to the mass market include ground items such as fountains, spinners and wheels. Fountains, spinners and wheels sit on the ground, and according to the design, either spew out streams of sparks upward or around and around. Or, if you’d rather not buy firework items for the ground, you can aim high with aerial items such as mortar shells, missiles, roman candles and parachutes. Aerial fireworks are very popular for good reason – the wide and wonderfully varied range of effects from colorful chrysanthemum bursts and sparkling spiders to rockets and parachutes that can be blasted off in daylight.

Noisemakers and novelty items are always popular with families who want to buy firework products. Novelty items are fun little entry-level fireworks that can include sparklers, snap-pops, smoke balls, confetti poppers and other hands-one items that are suited to a wide range of ages.  If you are just looking to make noise, firecrackers are the pyrotechnic effects you want – grab a little penny pack or a huge celebration roll of thousands of firecrackers fused together and have a blast!  Or, you can buy firework items that are designed to create a symphony of sounds such as crackling, humming and whistling.

When you buy firework products, always keep personal and public safety as the number one concern. Follow the manufacturer’s lighting instructions and safety guidelines for each type of firework, each will have slightly different precautions. Also, it is always important to have a bucket of water on hand to fully extinguish used sparklers, fountains and other fireworks – they can remain deceivingly hot for a long time – up to 1000 degrees! Also, educate yourself on the local laws and ordinances governing the purchase and use of fireworks in your local area. When you buy firework items, the laws regarding the use vary widely from state to state, city to city.

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