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Brothers FireworksBrothers Pyrotechnics Inc. is one of the largest fireworks suppliers in the world. With headquarters in Beihai, China, this private company has been researching, developing, manufacturing and exporting fireworks since 1995. A large percentage of their professional and consumer products are shipped to the United States for fireworks enthusiasts to enjoy during special events throughout the year.

Brothers fireworks either owns or has agreements with more than sixty firework factories and two warehousing centers throughout various regions of China. With sales offices in Hunan, Hong Kong and the USA, Brothers fireworks markets their pyrotechnic products to more that 50 countries across the globe. Chances are, if you’ve seen a professional fireworks show or popped off a few consumer items yourself, they very well could have been fireworks exported by Brothers.

While creating fireworks isn’t rocket science (well, wait – it is!), this company operates a “Fireworks Institute” where all types of research and development takes place including new color, report and effects innovation as well as the creation of new packaging. In addition to innovation, Brothers fireworks keeps their focus on making products that are top quality, safe and offer great performance. To help achieve these goals, Brothers uses a three-point testing system that checks items at three stages – components, semi-finished and finished performance.

Products at this pyrotechnic company range the whole spectrum of fireworks available, from innocuous novelties to the most explosive shells allowed by law in the United States. For general consumers, heavyweight cakes that shoot from the ground with repeating effects are always popular – many have descriptive names such as Southern Comfort, Sahara Twilight and Bigger-Badder-Better. Fountains that spew sparks upwards make a great layered effect to your show and some favorite products are named Glow Worm Party, Smoking Hot and Harry Hedgehog and even one called Obama-mania. Of course, artillery shells such as Jungle Bunker and Starting Lineup will make a huge effect in the sky while little novelties will keep everyone in the family, even the youngest, entertained.

A distinctive feature of the Brothers Fireworks is their signature logo. Two stars, one blue and one red, hug it out in the spirit of siblings and celebrations to come. The logo backdrop is a circle of blue surrounded by the company name. Look for this fun logo on the front of your Brothers pyrotechnic items and you’ll know that you’ve purchased a product that offers performance, quality and a great price.

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