Bottle Rockets

It’s time to start counting down to a really fun time. Shooting bottle rockets is a guaranteed way to add a blast of excitement into your evening. These aerial fireworks, which are launched into the air, create a sky-high sensation of color, noise and light that will delight guests. Whether you are sending up a single firework or a whole fleet of bottle rockets, your party will be rocking all night long. Bottle rockets are a great addition to your arsenal of firework display planned for a New Year’s Eve countdown, Fourth of July jubilee, night-time nuptials and more special events!

When lighting your bottle rockets, the flame begins to travel down the fuse and into the rocket’s core. It is here where the pyrotechnic gunpowder mixture, which includes potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur, is set into action. As the core begins to fill up with flames, the gunpowder is revealed and burned away and the resulting hot gas forcibly escapes through the rocket’s nozzle.  An approximate 1 foot long wooden stick is attached to the small explosive that looks like a firecracker to lend a low center of balance and stability to the bottle rockets during take off and flight.

Safety is a serious issue with bottle rockets; they are prohibited in many states, so please check your local laws. However, if proper precautions are taken, these fireworks can be enjoyed safely. This type of firework should never be lit while being held in the hands. Instead, as the name implies, the long skewer on the end should be set into a bottle, aluminum can, or specially designed tube before igniting the fuse. Sometimes, firework enthusiasts like to gear up their bottle rockets with fins – this now officially makes them missiles. You can purchase fireworks with fins or glue on your own for added for stability and guidance through the air.

You’ll be over the moon with bottle rockets. They are stocked in a variety of colors, noises and flashes and can also be manufactured with other special effects mixed with gunpowder. Bystanders will gather to see what type of sky rocket you are sending up next! Stock up with your favorites or create a sampler of bottle rocket types keep everyone guessing about what’s blasting up next.

Bottle rockets are designed after sky rockets developed by the Chinese in the second century B.C. These fireworks were first made for religious events and were later employed as “flaming arrows” during the Middle Ages. The addition of gunpowder put an extra pop in these weapons which were reported to travel further than a cannon or long bow. Remember the stanza from America’s national anthem  “ . . . and the rocket’s red glare?” This was a reference to the far-flying rockets made in the late 1700s for use in the Revolutionary war. Get some bottle rockets and make some history for yourself.

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