Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket

1…2…3… blast off! Bottle rocket fireworks jet up into the sky and cause a sensation with colors, flashes of light, an impressive report and other features. These aerial fireworks are always best-sellers plus they are affordable enough so that the whole gang can have a real blast lighting up a whole fleet of rockets.  You’ll never be satisfied sending up just one single bottle rocket, so go ahead and get the jumbo pack.  Please review the local regulations of your local area because bottle rockets are not permitted in some jurisdictions.

Bottle rockets operate on a pretty basic system. As soon as the fuse is lit, the flames move quickly down into the rocket’s core and ignite the pyrotechnic compounds inside – usually gunpowder made of chemicals such as potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. As the core begins to fill up with fire, the gunpowder is exposed, burned away and creates heated gases that expand and escape through the rocket’s nozzle.  An approximate 1 foot long wooden stick is attached to the small explosive to lend a low center of balance and stability to the rocket during flight.

A bottle rocket should never be ignited while being held; as the name suggests, the long skewer on the end should be set into a bottle, aluminum can, or specially designed tube before igniting the fuse. When bottle rockets are outfitted with fins, they are typically called missiles. You can purchase fireworks with fins or glue on your own for added for stability and guidance through the air.

There is no way to get bored with bottle rockets. Available in a range of colors, reports (bangs) and flashes, bottle rockets can feature other special effects created with pyrotechnic compounds added to the gunpowder at the time of manufacture.  These special effects come into play after the bottle rocket has burned through all its gunpowder and is at the height of flight. Stock up with packs of rockets that are identical or test out a variety of these fireworks to see which bottle rockets are best for you.

Bottle rockets are modeled after centuries-old sky rockets, antique fireworks developed by the Chinese in the second century B.C. First made for religious events, these fire rockets were later modified during the Middle Ages and used as flaming arrows in combat. The invention and addition of gunpowder to rockets during this time period made them weapons that could impressively be launched further than a long bow or cannon. In the late 18th century, Colonel Congreve of the US army made rockets which could travel over a course of 4 miles. “The rocket’s red glare” in our national anthem is a nod to these aerial rocket weapons.  

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