Bottle Rocket Firework

Bottle Rocket Fireworks

Always a top choice for consumer fireworks, a bottle rocket firework is smaller sized sky rockets that soar up into the sky when lit. This perennial pick in fireworks can always be seen and heard at festivities around the year such as the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve and notably, the Indian Hindu festival, Diwali.  Because a bottle rocket firework is usually imported cheaply from China, it can usually be purchased for a good deal at nearly every firework shop. The bottle rocket firework is sold by the millions each year and is bound to make your party pop with excitement!

The bottle rocket firework is manufactured with a rocket engine set at the top of a stabilizing wooden skewer. The stick end is then set in an empty bottle in before lighting the fuse.  When the fuse is lit, the flames move rapidly toward the rocket’s core and ignite the pyrotechnic chemicals inside – usually black powder comprised of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. As the center core starts to fill up with fire, the gunpowder is revealed, burned away and creates heated gases that expand and escape through the rocket’s nose.  The wooden stick is attached to the pyrotechnic element to provide a low center of balance and stability to the rocket during flight.

Black powder is the fuel of choice for most every bottle rocket firework. However, other additives can be used to create special effects such as comet-like tails that stream during the flight up. Whistle mix, a recipe of 7 parts potassium perchlorate to 3 parts sodium benzoate, is an alternative fuel source that causes the rocket to whistle during the ascent. The nose cone is home to any special effects that a bottle rocket firework might have laying in wait. The effects hidden in the nose cone could include exploding fireworks, multi-colored stars, confetti streamers, parachutes and other unique features.

Contrary to common practices, a bottle rocket firework must never lit while being held. Sometimes a bottle rocket firework can be unpredictable and take off vertically or at an angle instead the more desired straight-up route. As the firework name implies, the long splint end should be set into a glass bottle or specially designed tube before lighting the fuse. After the rocket reaches an apex in the sky, it will let loose with any special effects and then begin to fall back down to the ground. A firework that resembles a bottle rocket firework or sky rocket, but with fins added for stability and guidance through the air, is technically called a missile. The bottle rocket firework relies solely on the attached stick for stability. Experiment with different weights and lengths of the stick to change flight patterns.

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