Boomer Fireworks

Boomer FireworksBoomer fireworks has been causing a commotion for years in the fireworks industry. These pyrotechnic elements are created by North Central Industries, Inc. and are a popular product with fireworks fans. There is nothing more fun than partying outside under the midnight sky and shooting off a display of fireworks you’re your audience to enjoy. Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve or some other special event, fireworks will add a little extra illumination to the occasion.

North Central Industries has been making fireworks for more than 50 years and Boomer fireworks is listed as one of their brands. While headquartered in Muncie, Indiana, this company works with directly with factories in China who produce fireworks to their specifications and adhere to their stringent quality standards. Rather than manufacturing the cheapest fireworks possible, their philosophy is “we would much rather explain the cost than apologize for the poor quality.” The Boomer fireworks line of products is stored in North Central Industries Indiana facilities which feature three warehouses with a combined square footage of more than 200,000 square feet.

Hundreds of Boomer fireworks items are available to consumers for purchase in the United States. Hot Boomer fireworks include ground items such as fountains and spinners that spew out streams of sparks and flashes. Aerial fireworks are also popular for good reason – the wide rage of displays that break out in the air from colorful chrysanthemum bursts to sparkling spiders and the stars of Roman candles. Boomer also has novelty fireworks which are always family pleasers. These low-grade fireworks include sparklers, smoke bombs, confetti poppers and other interesting fireworks that accommodate a wide rage of ages. Or, if it’s just the noise your after, a huge brick of Boomer firecrackers will get everyone’s attention!

A distinctive feature of the Boomer is the trademark logo. Two classic black bombs sit side-by-side with fuses burning up for a blast make this memorable label. These fireworks exude the attitude of “go big or go home” and will give an adrenaline rush to even the most thrill-seeking fireworks fan! So, if you are looking to get noisy with fireworks, grab you some Boomer fireworks and start setting off some fun.  You’ll find that Boomer items are fun, safe and reasonably priced.

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