Best Fireworks

Best Fireworks

It’s really up to personal taste to name the best fireworks around --- it’s like having to choose the best cookie in a lineup of treats made by the top bakers in the world. Each firework has its own special ingredients that make it uniquely different from the other goodies in the firework shop – some times you feel like a colorful burst exploding in the sky, other times you just want a big bang and cloud of smoke. The good news is that at All Spark Fireworks; you can satisfy your appetite for whatever types of firework you want, when you want!

If you are in the mood for having a bit of fun with the kids or just goofing around with friends on an everyday night, novelties make some of the best fireworks around. Suitable for a wide range of ages, including kids when supervised, these entry-level pyrotechnic elements. Sparklers are a top-pick in novelty fireworks and kids love the swirl around these sparking sticks to spell out their names or letters in the air. Other popular novelties are smoke bombs, confetti poppers, snap pops and little tanks and trucks and spew sparks out the back.

Some folks think firecrackers are the best fireworks; if you like a bunch of noise, these are for you. These guys may be small but they can make a huge commotion of noise, especially if you are setting off a 16,000 firecracker celebration roll.  Smaller bricks of firecrackers are available too as are bottle rockets which are like firecrackers on a stick.

For a bigger pyrotechnics show, large fountains which spew sparks from the ground up are always an all-around crowd pleaser as are aerial fireworks that shoot out into the sky. These aerial items are some of the best fireworks around in terms of pure “oooh” and “ahhhs.” Launched from tubes on the ground, these big boys make a large impact in the sky as they explode into colorful chrysanthemums, peonies, spiders, comets and more.  Enthusiasts can also shoot up roman candles or cake repeaters which have multi-shot effects that fire up into the sky

So, whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July, Bonfire Night in England or the Chinese New Year, you can add to the merry-making and revelry with an assortment of the best fireworks at your side. Weddings, rock concerts, amusement parks and sporting events around the world are host to some of the best firework displays as are homespun shows put on in the backyards of pyrotechnic enthusiasts just like you. What are you waiting for, get fired up for fireworks!

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