Artillery Shells

Artillery Shells

Artillery shells are just the fireworks you need to make that big blast you’ve been hoping for. Put on the show of all firework shows by launching artillery shells from the ground. These aerial pyrotechnic items are propelled high into the air from a tube that is loaded with a chemical-filled cartridge working along with a burst charge and internal time fuse. The result of this pyrotechnic assemblage is a sky-high burst that blooms and expands outward into one of many exotic and amazing firework creations.

The premise for artillery shells to be used as fireworks is based on weaponry employed on the battlefields of many wars. For centuries, armies have employed the projectile power of various types and designs of ammunition fired from the ground up to help defend and attack troops on the line. Artillery shells used as fireworks utilize the projectile function of these weapons without any of the original military objectives. Used as fireworks, artillery shells are meant to only to detonate a darn good time. Audiences always feel the flicker and flash of these pyrotechnics in the sky are one of the best.

As far as the size and effect of artillery shells on the market, you can find fireworks to need the needs of any event from a small wedding to the city’s Fourth of July festival. You can buy an assortment of artillery shells filled with a variety of effects including single, double and triple breaks that will create a varied and very one-of-a-kind display ion the sky. Or, you can choose to pick your artillery shells out individual and make a custom display that fits your unique specifications. With many sizes, colors and effects (such as crackling, tails, colored tips, etc), your sky-bound entertainment is bound to be spectacular.

The tubes that the pyrotechnic chemicals are stuffed into can be either single use or reloadable. Single use tubes are pre-packed with the explosive powders and are not safe to use again after igniting. Don’t try to refill a disposable tube; it may explode through the sides. Reloadable tubes are made of sturdier materials and can be refilled, according to the manufacturer’s directions, with extra firework cartridges. Depending on the type of artillery shells you plan to use, tubes will be constructed from cardboard, fiberglass or high density poly-ethylene.

When considering artillery shells and other pyrotechnic items, always follow the rules and regulations regarding purchasing, storing and shooting off fireworks in your jurisdiction. These laws, along with the manufacturer’s instructions, are designed for both your safety and public safety.

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