Artillery Shells Fireworks

Make your next special day even more memorable by adding artillery shell fireworks into the display. Always a hit with audiences, these aerial style fireworks are awesome choices for the beginning, middle and grand finale of a fireworks display. Artillery shell fireworks don’t always have to be part of a large show; they may be launched individually to add single explosion of awesomeness to your festivity. Like the simplicity of giving a single rose, you can fire off a single shell for the same gesture. However, a whole grouping of artillery shells fireworks will bring a bouquet of beauty to the sky.

Artillery shell fireworks are launched skyward through a sturdy tube that rests on the ground. Inside the tube, a pyrotechnic cartridge along with a burst charge and internal time fuse create the working system.  After the fuse is lit, the cartridge is pushed forward with extreme force and detonates at its highest point in the sky in a beautiful design. Professional pyrotechnicians and experienced home hobbyists often fuse together many artillery shells fireworks for a multi-sequenced grand finale.

The origin of artillery shell fireworks comes from the battlefields of many historical wars. For centuries, military forces have used the projectile power of  different styles and designs of ammunition fired from the ground up to help defend and attack while on the line. Artillery shell fireworks utilize the projectile feature of these battle weapons without any of the intent to kill, harm or injure. The main goal of fireworks as a whole is just to present spectacular entertainment.

Today, consumers will find a variety of artillery shell fireworks on the market and can purchase them from firework stands, firework stores and through online sites. These fireworks will make every event more special, from backyard July 4th parties to sports championship celebrations. You can try out artillery shells fireworks buy purchasing single pieces or assortment packs that could include single, double and triple breaks of different designs.  Just like professional grade artillery shells fireworks, consumer fireworks shells come in huge array of sizes, colors and effects such as comet tails, crackling noise, colored tips and more.

Tubes for artillery shells fireworks can categorized as either single use tubes or reloadable tubes. The type of tube you need will be based on your price range and planned firework effects. Single use tubes are pre-packed with the explosive powders and are not safe to use a second time. Reloadable tubes are made of more durable materials and can be refilled, according to the manufacturer’s directions, with extra firework cartridges. Depending on the type of artillery shells fireworks you purchase, tubes are crafted from heavy cardboard, fiberglass or high density poly-ethylene.

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