Artillery Fireworks

Artillery Fireworks

When you shoot off artillery fireworks, you’re making a big statement. Small time sparklers and party poppers have a time and a place – and your big, bad fireworks show is not the place! Artillery fireworks let you live out loud and in crackling color as they are shot into the sky and delight with a extraordinary explosion of pyrotechnic effects. Professional pyrotechnicians and everyday fireworks fans both enjoy this type of firework and usually make a string of them part of the grand finale.

The premise for artitlery fireworks comes from the battlefields of many wars. For centuries, troops have used the projectile power of mortars as ammunition that can be fired through the sky to attack the opposing line. Artillery fireworks are similar in the flight function of these weapons, however all the original military intent is extinguished. The point of artillery fireworks is to have an awesome time by watching beautiful bursts of sparks fill the sky.

As far as the size and effect of artillery fireworks available to the general public, you can find fireworks to suite nearly every event from a Fourth of July celebration to a New Year’s Eve countdown. There are artillery fireworks filled with shells of assorted effects including single, double and triple breaks that create a very unique fireworks display. Or, you can choose to pick your artillery fireworks out by the piece and create a custom-designed show that fits your exact need. Your overhead entertainment will be spectacular thanks to a variety of colors, sounds and special effects..

Artillery fireworks work thanks to a tube is loaded with a pyrotechnic cartridge. When the fuse is lit, a burst charge sets off the pyrotechnic chemicals to explode at the right time of ascent. The final result of this creation is an overhead explosion that bursts out into one of many beautiful firework displays.

The tubes that the pyrotechnic cartridges are packed in can be either single use or reloadable. Single use tubes are pre-loaded with the compounds and are not safe to use again after igniting. Reloadable tubes are made of more durable products and can be refilled, according to the manufacturer’s directions, with extra artillery fireworks cartridges. Depending on the type of artillery shells in your display, tubes are made of cardboard, fiberglass or high density poly-ethylene.

When shooting off your artillery fireworks, always follow the laws about fireworks in your specific city and state. The laws can vary greatly from state to state and city to city, so check out the Fire Marshal in your location. Also, for personal safety, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting your artillery fireworks.

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