Alabama Fireworks

Alabama Fireworks

Alabama has a colorful history and citizens who like to celebrate, through the years fireworks have become an integral part of events across the state. Down south in the ‘Heart of Dixie,’ folks in big cities through small rural towns enjoy shooting off fireworks during the 4th of July, New Year’s Eve and nearly every other important event in between. Read on to find out about popular pyrotechnic shows in the state of Alabama.

Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, has several fireworks to look forward to. On the 4th of July, the Montgomery Biscuit field is home to a firework display immediately after the baseball game. The event features live music, food, children’s activities and riverboat mini cruises – and of course, the huge firework show will light up the river right after the game. Say adieu to the year at Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery with a massive firework show at midnight along with a New Year’s Eve. Anther fun option is to set sail on a New Year’s Eve party cruise on one of the big riverboats and watch the fireworks from another perspective.

In Huntsville, the largest city in Alabama, July 4th celebrations are easy to find. A popular show takes place at the Bridge Street Center, an upscale shopping center. The Huntsville Stars baseball team entertains fans with a post-game firework, Fireworks with the Stars, show to celebration the nation’s independence. Nearby, in Florence, one of the largest firework displays takes place at McFarland Park. Called the Spirit of Freedom Festival, this firework display is one of the largest in the Tennessee Valley and is sure to impress as sparks illuminate over the Tennessee River. Usher in the New Year over at John Hunt Part where the city’s official celebration ends with Alabama fireworks and a midnight ball drop.

Mobile, the oldest city in Alabama, has a long tradition with fireworks. For Independence Day each year, thousands of people flock to USS Alabama Memorial Battleship Park and line the nearby causeways to see the annual firework show. Pyrotechnic elements are shot off over the water in Mobile Bay with the park’s historic Navy warship in the background. In celebration of New Year’s Eve, the City of Mobile hosts a firework display for the public that are scheduled to go off at midnight. Three displays dazzle guests, the two largest firework displays shoot off from a barge in the river and a third display launches from a downtown bank building, synchronized to the descending ‘Moon Pie” drop – a must anticipated tribute to this classic southern treat.

New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July aren’t the only times to check out fireworks in Alabama. You can always count on the University of Alabama Crimson Tide to be a powerhouse in sports and many of the big wins and championships are celebrated with fireworks lighting up over the campus. Also, in September, the Northeast Alabama State Fair also launches fireworks for the enjoyment of guests a John Hunt park in Huntsville. There is also the Alabama State Fair held in Pelham. You never know when a firework display might show up, for example Toyota has put on firework shows for the public as a way to honor the anniversary of their engine manufacturing plant in the state.

If you are a visitor to the state of Alabama, it’s always a good idea to check in with your hotel concierge or the Alabama Tourism Department to find out dates and locations for firework shows so that you can plan your trip accordingly. For specific cities, there are many entertainment blogs that will keep you on the pulse of what is happening in downtown through the suburbs. Alabama, with its many illustrious towns, is an especially electrifying place to watch Alabama fireworks dazzle the night sky. The fireworks here are so special; it will become a tradition to incorporate them into your holiday entertainment.

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