• Energizer

A real busy body, the Energizer keeps going and going – a whole 5 minute, that’s practically unheard of when it comes to firework fountains. Made with the usual Black Cat® quality, this long-lasting firework fountain spews out more colors and effects than any other fountain around – let’s just say it has a lot of stamina, the average last of the effects is 265 seconds. What a way to liven and lighten up your night. Effects include:

Red Star & Silver Chrysanthemum
Green Star & Gold Chrysanthemum
Lemon & Silver Crackle
Purple Star & Gold Spark Chrysanthemum
Red Chrysanthemum & Blue Star
Lemon, Silver Spark Crackle
Color Star & Silver Chrysanthemum
Red Star, Green Star & Gold Spark Chrysanthemum
Red Star, Lemon & Silver Crackle
Color Star, Silver Spark Crackle

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