500 Gram Fountains

Fountains are beautiful displays of fireworks that are lit on the ground and the 500 gram fountain is the big daddy of them all. These large pyrotechnic creations are meant to sit in a safe, stable spot and emit showers of colorful sparks for bystanders to “ooh” and “ahh” over. Instead of the big bursts of sparks overhead that aerial fireworks provide, a 500 gram fountain brings the action down to eye level.  While smaller fountains generally only last 5 to seconds to 60 seconds, the ginormous fountains filled with 500 grams of pyrotechnic compounds can last anywhere from a reported 90 seconds to more than 3 minutes.

Folks in the pyrotechnic industry often refer to all sizes of fountains as “gerbs.” The 500 gram fountain is the largest consumer firework fountain available by law; previously the maximum amount of explosives allowed was limited to 200 grams. Thank goodness for the increase; now everyone can enjoy longer, more fabulous entertainment. These fireworks are made by stuffing a specially-designed tube with pyrotechnic chemicals. When the fuse is lit, the compounds begin to burn and release gases which need to escape. The narrowed “choke” at the top of the tube, helps force the fiery contents upward for the big display.

Celebrations of all types will overflow with style (and sparks!) thanks to 500 gram fountains. These fireworks are found in single colors, changing colors, crackling, whistles and other interesting elements. This wide variety of effects is created by layering various pyrotechnic materials within the tube, as the tube burns downward another layer is exposed. Or, different tubes with different effects are fused together to make one huge 500 gram fountain. Fountains always get big cheers at sporting events, rock concerts, weddings and other crowd events. These huge fountains put the focus around and behind the VIPs on stage rather than making the audience look away to see fireworks in the sky. 

When igniting 500 gram fountains, keep public safety in the forefront by abiding by the local laws and regulations concerning the use of these fireworks items in your particular area. Also, for both your personal safety and that of the audience, always follow the manufacturer’s directions for lighting 500 gram fountains. These big fountains can spew sparks in a large fallout area and could also cause bodily harm if they malfunction and are not being properly handled.



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