500 Gram Fireworks

If you like to go as big as you can without getting in trouble, 500 gram fireworks are just the pyrotechnic product for you.  According to the federal law, the largest fireworks allowable for consumer purchase are those with 500 grams of pyrotechnic powders and chemicals. While some enthusiasts always want the next bigger, better thing, 500 gram fireworks are nothing to sneeze at – this size of fireworks puts on a great show. And, this maximum threshold is an improvement; it wasn’t that long ago that only 200 grams were allowed on fireworks sold to those without a special permit or license.

For the most part, 500 gram fireworks come in two categories – cakes and fountains.  Generally cakes are designed as multi-shot repeating aerial displays that sit steady on the ground and shoot effects high up into the sky where they burst or leave a comet trail.  Those 500 gram fireworks that are designed as fountains are equally as spectacular; however, instead of launching effects into the sky before bursting, the spew out an upward stream of sparkles in a variety of colors.  Using one of these two types of 500 gram fireworks in your event significantly reduce the amount of time spent planning, timing and setting up your own sequenced effects.

These high-powered fireworks are allowed to hold 500 grams of pyrotechnic chemical, but certain quality and safety concerns are addressed. For example, manufacturing specs on these items must keep a ½” distance between tubes, mount tubes on a base, cap each individual effect within the cake at 40 grams of compound with 6 grams of powdered lift charge.  Similar regulations are in place for 500 gram fireworks in the fountain category.

While the combined explosive amount of 500 gram fireworks is static – 500 grams – the exact array of effects that they produce are different in height, angle, color, noise, and other variable design effects. For example, cakes can come in a variety of different “shot” quantities from 9-shots to 36-shots and more. Large fountains can also vary in the way they look, from the exact type of effect or the color combinations and the length of firing time. A 500 gram firework fountain will spew sparks for around a full minute or more.

When it is time to fire off 500 gram fireworks, always keep public safety a top priority. Follow local rules and regulations regarding the use of these pyrotechnic items in your particular jurisdiction.  Also, for your own personal safety and the well-being of those around you, read and follow the manufacturer’s directions found on the label. When you fire off 500 gram fireworks with caution, you will enjoy using them year after year.

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