2010 Fireworks

Create a spectacle of color, noise and sparks with 2010 fireworks at your event. This year, all of the same tried and true items and plenty of new, soon-to-be-favorite items are available for purchase to the consumer market. These pyrotechnic items are used for celebrations and festivities all over the planet from the Chinese New Year to America’s Fourth of July. You’ll never be bored with the seemingly endless combination of 2010 fireworks that make flashes of light, wafts of smoke, lots of noise and other fun special effects.

The history of fireworks harks back 700 years to 12th century China where they were used as an integral part of religious ceremonies. Black gunpowder was developed not long afterward and fireworks started being used in combat – fireworks could fly greater distances than the standard cannonball or a long bow and were therefore a very effective form of military force. In the 1700s, an American army colonel invented a firework rocket which had a trajectory of up to four miles. Even with the cool fireworks 2010, this is why we still sing about “the rocket’s red glare” in the national anthem.

But just as 2010 fireworks are used for celebrating today, they were also a cause for jubilation with the America’s early founders.  When the first president, George Washington, was inaugurated in 1789, a large fireworks show with a colorful and noisy display of pyrotechnic effects filled the sky. Today, 2010 fireworks are incorporated into many special events including rock concerts, sporting events and the picture-perfect ending to storybook weddings. Even theme parks such as Disney World put a magical touch to the night sky with large, creative fireworks shows timed to music. And, you won’t be surprised to find out that the Walt Disney Company is the largest consumer of fireworks in the United States.

If you thinking about a 2010 fireworks display, you’ll want to stock up your arsenal with some of the best items. For general family fun, sparklers, confetti poppers and fun firework novelties shaped like trucks and tanks will keep all ages entertained. If you’re looking to make a big impression, artillery shells are the way to go for 2010 fireworks. These aerial pyrotechnic elements are loaded into tubes and shot skyward where they burst into a beautiful array of colorful designs such as chrysanthemums, peonies, spiders and multi-break shells.  Fountains, Roman candles, spinners, repeater cakes and smoke items are all popular too!

When you are putting on your 2010 fireworks show, it is important to keep safety a priority. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for each type of firework; every pyrotechnic composition will need to be handled differently. Keep a bucket of water or connected hose on hand to fully extinguish used sparklers, fountains and other fireworks – they can remain deceivingly hot for a long time. Also, because local laws overseeing the purchase and use of 2010 fireworks vary widely from state to state, city to city, you need to familiarize yourself with the regulations.