firework fountains wedding car Wedding Fireworks   Pomp and Sparkle!


I pretty much love everything about this photo I found on yet another day of flipping through Instagram photos. Posted by @mademoisellee her tags pretty much say it all. #weddings#love#oldcars#car#fireworks#groom#decoration#bride#weddingcars#cars#organization#wedding#weddingdesign#bridal#proposal

If you are in the middle of planning a wedding and want to make a spectacular entrance into the reception (or a memorable getaway), consider using fireworks paired up with a cool old car. In this fun photo, a series of long-lasting firework fountains were lined up alongside the roadway so that the wedding vehicle carrying the bride and groom could arrive in sparkling style.  Mission accomplished!

Finding a retro style care that has been restored to its former glory is up to you, I’m no car expert! But, I’d be happy to advise you on all things firework related. All Spark Fireworks has a wide assortment of fireworks that are ideal for wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions including firework fountains, sparklers of all sizes and colors and even sky lanterns which illuminate and gently float up, up and away!