rose fireworks Surprise Fireworks for Mother’s DayAttention, significant others of mothers: Making mom to breakfast in bed is a thoughtful gesture for Mother’s Day. So is sending her off for a day at the spa. While both of these tried-and-true treats are thoughtful, they can be expected as well. This year, give mom a surprise on Mother’s Day that she’ll never forget – a backyard firework extravaganza! It’s easier than it sounds to pull off a pyrotechnic shoe and fun for the kids, too!  After a quiet morning, most moms want to have a “blast” with some family fun anyway.

Step One: At least one week before Mother’s Day (on May 12th this year), order an array of fireworks for mom’s show.  Since it’s not near the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve, it can often be hard to find fireworks during the month of May. However, conveniently sells fireworks and supplies online 365 days a year. You can order anytime of the day or night and your purchases will be shipped straight to your doorstep.

Step Two: Decide which fireworks mom will enjoy the most, or get a firework assortment pack with a little of each variety. If purchasing separately, make sure to order red or pink artillery shells which burst high overhead and have sparks that look like rose petals falling down to the ground. Many moms also like firework fountains which spew out long displays of colorful sparks upward from the ground level.

Step Three:  Because the kids will want to be involved, also order several packs of firework sparklers or smaller firework novelties like party poppers. Remember: even though these novelty fireworks are less intense, children need adult supervision when using them.

Step Four: When the fireworks arrive from, hide from mom in a dark, cool and dry place. Do not keep in your car trunk, the attic, or anywhere near a water heater or other potential safety hazard.

Step Four: On Mother’s Day evening, after the sun sets, tell mom you’d like everyone to relax on the back yard patio or some other place that is clear of debris and personal property that could be harmed by fireworks. Make sure her chair is facing the horizon over which the pyrotechnics will break.