sochi fireworks
Think the closing ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia would go out with a whimper? Nyet! The elaborate final event for the somewhat controversial games was the most expensive ever staged, complete with a huge animatronic bear and lavish fireworks.
Organizers say that the entire Games cost an estimated $50 billion dollars (much more than any other Olympic Games, Winter or Summer), and the elaborate sendoff certainly didn’t disappoint.  The eye-popping pyrotechnic show sparkled in the Sochi skies over Fisht Olympic Stadium, no doubt in honor of the record 13 gold medals snatched up by the host country but also in recognition of the hard work and sportsmanship of athletes from around the world.
As beautiful firework shells were launched as sparkled in the night, additional lights flashed in unison across the stadium, creating undulating waves of color. South Korea will host the next Winter Olympics in 2018.