blog love sparklers 300x200 How To Photograph Sparkler WritingIncorporating sparklers into the wedding reception is becoming super, ultra trendy. Just pick up any bridal magazine and you’ll see it chock full of great ideas for adding a little sizzle into the affair. This particular picture of bridesmaids spelling out the word “LOVE” in sparklers is just such a gosh-darn adorable firework idea for your wedding reception or special romantic evening.

But, the burning question is, how did they do it? Do tell, do tell, is it really possible to pull of this firework stunt without photo editing skills? Well, the answer is YES, and it is easier than you’d think (after you practice a bit). Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to creating a photograph that lights up your life and will be a cherished keepsake forever!

  1.  Gather your photography supplies. You’ll need a camera with a long exposure mode, for example a camera with a manual exposure option that goes to 30 seconds. You’ll also want to use a tripod or have a flat surface to rest the camera on because keeping the shutter open for this long while holding in your had will create a shaky, blurry effect.
  2.  Gather your firework supplies. You’ll need to do a few calculations for this. Figure out how many people (eg: letters in the word) you’ll need) and then pick a longer lasting sparkler for them to light when it’s time to ready-set-go. You’ll want to avoid the small 10” standard sparklers that only last for about 20-30 seconds. Go for the longer 20” or 36” sparklers that burn for several minutes because this will give you enough time to set up the shot and orchestrate the moves before the sparklers burn out.
  3.  Set up shot. Set the camera far enough back so that you have enough space to write the word. Also, remember that you’ll be writing the letters backward in mirror image so that the final photo reads correctly. If you forget, you can always flip the image in Photoshop.
  4. Take the shot. Set an aperture of f/8 to start with and set shutter speed to 30 seconds. At the queue, the writer should begin writing in a controlled, smooth manner so the sparkle trail doesn’t go too crazy. Check the photo and make adjustments if necessary for another shot.

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