Magnificent fireworks lit up the bay in honor of the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary on May 27th, 2012. Thousands of spectators crowded to the San Francisco waterfront to enjoy a beautifully choreographed firework show set to many genres of music.  The beginning of the show started with white fireworks trailing across the bridge from both ends, meeting in the center and overflowing into a “waterfall” of sparks onto the bay below.  After this dramatic display, a seemingly never-ending arrangement of aerial fireworks combined with fountain-fireworks on the bride continued to delight residents and visitors to the area.
The Golden Gate Bridge is an American icon, built during the Great Depression, and officially opened on May 27 1937.  At time, the bridge was a modern marvel, the longest suspension bridge ever built, reaching over a mile across the San Francisco Bay. By many accounts, this firework display was also quite a marvel – the culmination of a full day of merriment with live music, art shows, boat parades and plenty of fireworks to make you go “ooohhhh.”  If you left your heart in San Francisco, time to head back to find it and enjoy the city’s next big firework show this summer – a Fourth of July firework show over the Bay which can be enjoyed from Pier 39 in the Fisherman’s Wharf area or another over at Chrissy Field. If you are planning your own pyrotechnic party, check out all the great firework items at AllSpark Fireworks.